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Expanding Deal Guides Form

Help us put together more deal guides!

In Module 8 of our Onboarding Course, we have in-depth guides for different types of deal & retailers. A few of them are already live & published, but we have more that still need to be created.

While putting together the previous guides, we combined our high-level understanding of each deal type with additional intricate & detailed knowledge from our group members who participate in those deals. We would like to continue this for future deal guides, as it ensures that we include all relevant details for each deal type & retailer.

In this form we invite you to indicate which deal guides you’d like to assist in providing details for. These could be deals & retailers that you are experienced with, knowledgeable about, and enjoy participating in. We don’t need you to write the guide for us, but rather provide any details that you view as helpful & relevant. This may include a basic overview of how the specific deal type normally works, or certain tips & nuances that can benefit others. Feel free to be as thorough or as concise as you’d like. We may also ask you to provide feedback on each new deal guide draft before we publish it to the onboarding course.

By filling out this form, you’re enabling us to reach out to you when we begin working on the guide(s) for the deal types that you’ve selected.

Thanks in advance for helping us provide a better experience for QCGC as a whole!