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About QCGC

Our Journey

QCGC was founded in April of 2020 by Taylor, a passionate entrepreneur with a knack for maximizing credit card rewards. Before establishing QCGC, Taylor had been reselling gift cards since early 2019, leveraging this expertise to travel for free and accumulate tons of credit card rewards.

Our Evolution

What started as a solo venture eventually grew into a dynamic team of five individuals, all dedicated to reshaping the landscape of the gift card resale market. From gift cards and fuel points to concert tickets and electronics, QCGC expanded its horizons, offering members diverse avenues to amplify their rewards.

Our Mission

At QCGC, we aim to empower individuals to go beyond their regular daily spend.We provide a platform where members can make purchases, get reimbursed, and accumulate more rewards than ever before. Our onboarding materials ensure that newcomers can easily navigate the world of reselling, while even seasoned members find value in our advanced resources.

Core Values

  • Community-Centric: Our growth is a testament to our community's trust and active participation.

  • Innovation: We're always seeking new avenues for our members to maximize their rewards.

  • Transparency: With every deal, we strive to provide clear & detailed expectations, ensuring trust and reliability.

  • Empowerment: We provide the tools and knowledge for every member to succeed.

Join the Movement

With QCGC, you’re not just part of a platform; you’re joining a community dedicated to smart spending and maximizing rewards. Be part of our journey and unlock the true potential of your credit card rewards.